Custom Die-Cutting

There are a number of die cutting options on the market these days. We offer flat-bed die cutting on our steel-rule die press. With this press, we can:

  • Through Cut (cutting straight through the material)
  • Score (creating a clean, even line in the material that makes it easy to fold)
  • Perforate (cutting a series of cuts that make a section of the material easier to fold and tear)

This process is ideal for short production runs, repeat orders, and custom shapes cut from thicker material. Contact us today for a quote! [Link opens in new window]

We use this machine to produce our die-cut vinyl letter and numbers! [Link opens in new window]


Other projects we have completed with the help of this machine include: 

  • faces and inserts for machine gauges and dials
  • custom packaging
  • gift tags
  • plastic shapes for craft supply catalogs
  • warning labels for hoses and industrial machinery
  • & much more!
We would love to help you with your custom die-cutting project! 
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I love that you mentioned that you’ve used a die-cutting machine to make packaging. I’d like to make custom packaging for my small business this year, but I don’t know how to make it. It’d be nice to hire someone with a die-cutting machine to make it for me.

Eve Mitchell

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