DIY Vinyl Lettering: How to Apply Your New Vinyl Decal

So you ordered a vinyl decal, or vinyl lettering, but you aren't quite sure how to apply it. Don't worry! We can help.

If you purchased your vinyl decal from InkBird Print Studio, thank you! We appreciate your support.

If you bought your vinyl lettering from another source and are just looking for directions, welcome! Please keep us in mind for future signage or vinyl projects, and check out our about us page or browse the site to see what else we can do.

Step by Step Illustrated instructions for applying vinyl lettering. Vinyl decals will come as a three part item including a coated paper liner on the bottom, the vinyl decal in the middle, and application tape over the top. This illustration shows how to utilize the hinge method. The hinge method utilized a piece of masking tape to hold the entire decal packet to the intended surface on one edge, so  that the application tape can be removed from the paper liner (which brings the decal up with it), then the liner sheet is removed and the application tape with the decal is slowly pressed back down starting at the hinge. Once the decal and application tape are pressed back down against the surface, the application tape is slowly peeled back at a sharp angle to reveal the decal underneath, then the tape hinge and application tape are fully removed, leaving the decal alone on the surface.
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