Custom Signage Project for Kakos Fine Wine, Beer, & Spirits February 2023

We had the privilege of helping Kakos Fine Wine, Beer, & Spirits - Birmingham, MI celebrate their 50th anniversary this year!

We designed and produced a custom signage package for their coolers and liquor wall, as well as banners to thank their customers for 50 years and celebrate their success. More to come!

For each piece, we kept the needs of a changing inventory and retail space in mind. All of the signage we installed is easy to move and rearrange in the event they change or expand their inventory, move shelving, or want to do something new!

Coolers and Walk-in
For their coolers, we made lightweight PVC signs with a magnetic backing to make it easy to take down or rearrange in the future to suit their business needs.

If they planned to expand their champagne collection around New Years, or add another beer fridge during the Dream Cruise, these signs make it easy to change it up. 

A special request from the owners was for three double sided banners, each side with a different message totaling 6 designs. We chose a darker design for the sides facing the interior and a bright gold color for the exterior facing sides. The high resolution imagery and rich colors came out even better than we hoped! Kakos reported that it has been a good conversation starter with their clientele who had no idea just how long Kakos had been around! 

Each banner has two hand placed grommets, and hanging hardware that allows them to be moved and swapped to keep it fresh. The bright gold colored print on the side facing the parking lot and the busy traffic on Woodward Avenue/M1 is sure to bring in new customers. 

Liquor Wall
The liquor wall was well organized, but without clear signage their customers relied heavily on staff to be directed to the right product. Kakos has let us know that customers are already able to navigate themselves much better than before.

In addition to enjoying this project immensely, we LOVE Kakos. If you are ever in Birmingham, MI, be sure to stop in and see them! The knowledge they have of everything in their store (yes, everything) combined with their incredible customer service makes them our go-to. Congratulations on 50 years!

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