Why InkBird Print Studio is saying "Goodbye!" to Etsy

First of all, thank you for visiting our website and supporting small businesses like ours! We are in the process of moving our listings off of Etsy and bringing them here to our website.

To learn more about why we no longer feel that our business aligns with Etsy, please visit the Indie Sellers Guild, and read about the Etsy Strike.
As with all artists and makers, shopping from them directly is the best way to ensure that your dollars are supporting the maker/artist. Thank you for shopping small!!

To best support small businesses like ours:
1) You can shop via our website! You're already here, after all. :)
2) For questions or custom projects, use our contact us form or email us directly at Hello@InkBirdPrintStudio.com (no solicitation through either option, please!)

We are happy to work with Shopify, and QuickBooks to handle transactions securely.
If you're local, we're happy to arrange an in-person pick up!

If you prefer to shop through Etsy, you can still visit Our Etsy Shop (but the prices on our website are better!)

Thank you for all of your support. We look forward to continuing to make great things with you!

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