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InkBird Print Studio LLC

Slow The F*ck Down Yard Sign 18"x24"

Slow The F*ck Down Yard Sign 18"x24"

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Are speeding cars making your neighborhood or street feel unsafe? This two-sided yard sign (censored or uncensored), is for anyone looking for a *very* direct way to communicate with the people speeding down your street. Comes with one (1) sign wire per sign ordered to stake it into the ground. 

Whether you have kids, outdoor pets, or maybe you're the lucky neighbor that loses a mailbox or ends up with tire marks across your yard every time it snows... this sign is sure to catch some attention year-round.

Available here as an 18"x24" size, but contact us for other sizes!
All signs will ship with an H-shaped sign stake to place the sign in your yard.
When shipping, we'll choose the most economic option. Usually that is UPS, but sometimes USPS surprises us. Either way, you'll get a tracking number :)

Thanks for choosing to shop with us! We hope you love our stuff as much as we do.
We are a woman-owned business located in Pontiac, Michigan. Thanks for shopping small.

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Can we make signs without profanity?
Sure, contact us for a custom quote. We understand it isn't for everyone, and that's okay. We are happy to design a different sign for you.

Will my city have an issue with it?
Maybe. If you're worried about the potential fallout, contact them before putting it up to determine if there are any local regulations regarding profanity on yard signage on personal/residential property (or commercial, if you're putting it up at work!)

Did you find this listing because one of your neighbors put one up?
If you liked it and want one: Welcome!
If you don't like it: Sorry to hear that. Please discuss the situation calmly with your neighbor. They are clearly frustrated with speeding cars, and they are worried about the well-being of the people and properties in your neighborhood. I bet that is something you can agree on when opening that conversation to discuss your concerns. 

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