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"Tiger I" - 3 Color Screenprint by Claire Davis, 8x10

"Tiger I" - 3 Color Screenprint by Claire Davis, 8x10

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"Tiger I", 3 Color Screen Print, 8x10, Claire Davis.
Ships Unframed.

In 2015, I took this photo of a Tiger at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. Last Fall, I turned it into a 3 color screen print! 🐯

Check out the video we took of the print process!

For this print, I chose to hand-pull my colors for each layer to use less ink, and to have more control over my screen. Keeping the ink from spreading around the entire screen while printing means less cleanup and fewer chemicals and rags used at the end of the printing process. 🌈🌎

These are available here, or you can shop in person at our Spring Open House on 4/27!

Many of our screenprinted art pieces started as photographs. Do you have a photo that you'd love to see turned into a print? We're open for commissions!!
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